What a summer

Sorry again for yet another break. Life gets crazy during the summer around here. My wife is gone 4 weeks out of the summer.Leaving me to take care of the house and everything else. I played a ton of golf but unfortunately the handicap is really starting to creep up. I have hit double digits. I barely hit it but I still hit it. The quest is not going so well.

The biggest thing for me this summer was the fact I was given the opportunity to review the Ben Hogan PTx irons. I was chosen to do this and it was an honor. The biggest perk was the fact that I got to keep them. They have been reviewed and I cant wait to share it with you tomorrow night. Its been an adventure and it has been incredibly fun.

I have also gotten a new to me driver. I got a JDM Spec SLDR Driver. IT has been good and bad. The good is really good and the bad is really bad. I think it may be a shaft issue but im enjoying it nevertheless.

Nike filed for bankruptcy. That is huge. We will see where the various players will go. As I said in my article about it I am also interested in where the rest of  engineers will go. I heard the 2017 Nike line was going to be killer! Such a shame to see it go. In other news on the equipment front, Golfsmith has filed for bankruptcy.  As I wrote in an article a few months ago it was inevitable. I called it the saddest place in Dallas and I stand by that. Its a shame to see some folks lose their jobs but thats capitalism.

Some of the major manufacturers have started putting out their 2017 clubs. Look out for the 917, steelhead irons and hybrids, Fusion driver, and some other great offerings. I cant wait ot get my hands on them and let you know what I think.

Strap in folks. We have a super exciting fall coming at The Quest For Scratch. Look for a new logo and even possibly a new website design. Get ready its time to have some fun!


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