Wilson FG Tour V6 Irons


The most underrated company in the golf world right now has to be Wilson Staff. They have the best golf ball available at this moment with the Duo Urethane. I would be playing it but 30 bucks a box is a little too much for me. I cant wait for them to end up on lostgolfballs.com, end up on sale for the end of season sales, or for Wilson to fall in love with me and send me a lifetime supply. They have a pretty good driver. They have a driver for every level golfer. They have the FG Tour F5 for your better players and the D-200 which is a light weight driver designed to promote distance. The FW Woods are good as well. The FG PMP wedge is soft and performs really well. The iron lineup from Wilson Staff is probably where the brand shines the most. The C-200 irons are a nice cast game improvement iron. It doesnt feel as nice as a forged club but it goes a mile and still feels pretty good. I have always been an advocate of performance over looks and feel.


The best part of the iron line up in my opinion is the FG Tour V5. Its a great forged game improvement club. The clubs feel super soft and perform like a champ. It falls under what Wilson likes to call their crossover line. Basically the player demands ability to work the ball and a more traditional look while also needs some help on some shots. Wilson does have a muscleback iron. If you want the feel of the blade with the performance of the C line then the V5 was for you.


Notice I said was not is. Wilson announced on Monday that they plan on releasing a new FG Tour club. It will be the V6. I personally cant wait. They have added some more tungsten to the club. Tungsten allows companies to add weight in certain places without having to take it from other places. This is very useful for engineers. The V6 adds more weight to the bottom of the club to help launch the ball higher making those long irons easier to hit. While the clubs performed just as good as any other club out there it wasnt perfect. One of my biggest gripes with the line before was the use of gold. Wilson has cleaned up the cavity a little bit and gotten rid of a lot of the ugly gold. Its still there but its not nearly as prominent. This is obviously a change I can get behind.


Get ready folks Wilson Staff has been making its way up for the last few years. All they need is to get into more stores so more folks can try these clubs. If these perform like every FG Tour iron before it then they will have a winner. Do what you can to get your hands on a demo.


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