The Weekend Round Up

Lets start off with the best part of this weekend. Sunday at the Ryder cup had me hooked. If you didnt watch let me help you understand why it was the most riveting sports event of the weekend.

Rory Vs Patrick Reed

Look at the finger wag directed at Rory. It was great and did so much to get the excitement going. They were covering up each others birdies. Noone had a huge lead. It was spectacular. I was glued to the TV. Next thing I knew it was 4 PM and the USA had clinched the cup. It was about time the US won as well. The event had been dominate dby the Europeans recently and the PGA of America put a lot of effort into this Ryder Cup. A loss would have been a huge blow to the USA going forward.

Luckily the Ryder Cup was this weekend because I had to take the weekend off from hitting the course. My shoulder has been killing me for a few weeks. I decided to take the money for a green fee and put it towards getting a nice massage. I went and saw a massage therapist and let me tell you it was great. She did some cupping a smad epopular by Michael Phelps. It felt weird but I will say it seems to have worked. Sunday I felt like I had gone 12 rounds in the boxing ring I was so sore but nevertheless I felt better. On Sunday my wife commented that I was walking taller and had overall better posture. The therapist recommended some stretching,foam rolling and some other exercises to help get out what we didnt have time for in the office. I hope to stay limber and get this pain out of my body.

Overall it was a great weekend. I got to do something I wanted to do for a while while also making my body feel better. Im off to go do some stretches and get this back pain away.


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