Driver Vs Driver

I you havent heard of Driver vs Driver listen up. It is a new show from the Golf Channel. This show is doing something no one has ever done before. The most underrated golf company, Wilson Staff, has decided to give everyday joes a chance to design a driver.  They are setting this show up as a competition reality show. It is a perfect thing for equipment geeks like me to experience.

Its going to be interesting to see how this works. Usually when club companies introduce product it is with some pictures and a press release. It is usually followed up with a bunch of commercials and having the staff players tell us how great it is. This show is going to give us a peek at the ‘dirty work” in golf club design. They will almost be promoting every driver on the show. I want to see how much they edit this to not be too tough on these drivers for marketing sake. It wouldnt be good to have your CEO destroying the concept of one of the drivers only to see it win.

The winner is going to get $500,000 and the driver is going to be put on shelves on Black Friday. The most exciting thing for me will be hitting the club on Black Friday I cant wait to see the design process and how everything must conform to the rules of the USGA. I encourage you to watch episode one. From her eon out every Tuesday I will be live tweeting the show. I will make sure I post things that catch my eye and things I find fascinating.

Guys quit reading this and go watch Driver vs Driver. The next episode is October 18th at 10 Eastern time.


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