Sometimes you have to play Husband

In this quest I have to give it up for my wife. She supports me through everything. She doesnt throw a fit when she comes home and all my clubs are laying in the living room. She doesnt get mad when I take household cleaning supplies to clean my golf clubs and grips. She doesnt get upset when I decide to go hit golf balls every night or play golf all day Saturday. Sometimes this means I have to go and play husband.


My wife joined a chorus named the Richtones. They are a world champion winning barbershop chorus. Barbershop has played a large role in her life and therefore it has become a part of mine. About a year ago she said she wanted to check it out. She went to a couple of rehearsals and decided that she wanted to put in the work and join the Richtones. It has taken a lot of work. I have heard the same songs multiple times. I have been asked to leave the house so she could have some quiet time to practice. It has all lead up to October 17th when she travels to Las Vegas to perform at the MGM Grand at the International Barber Shop Contest.

There is something very satisfying about seeing your partner accomplish something they have worked so hard for. I couldnt help but smile when I saw her at her last few shows and she got to perform on stage with a world caliber chorus. She worked really hard at it and did it. I use her to motivate myself to get better at golf. If she can do it I can get down to a 4. I want to get to a 4 so I can qualify to play in the Mid Am.

Playing husband is something I do when needed. I feel Im pretty good at it. I cant wait to watch her perform in Vegas. While I wont be there, I will be watching from my laptop. I am super proud of her and cant wait to see her medal when she comes back from Vegas.

Ill move away from the sappy stuff tomorrow I promise.


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