Thursdays are for the First Tee

Thursdays are my night for The First Tee. Going to the First tee motivates me to work hard. I do this for the kids and to see a kid smile when they go from topping a ball to striping an iron is a great feeling. Now if I am being honest I learn quite a bit from these classes myself. Just tonight I learned a couple of drills and few swing tips to help my own swing out.

At a typical class we have three stations. We have a putting station,chipping station, and a full swing station. These are usually some fun games that teach kids a golf skill.

For example last night at putting we played a game that taught distance control by having the kids team up and putt the ball just past their teammates ball while keeping it in a box on the green. The team that did that the most was the winner. If they came up short or leave the box they have to start all over.  This honestly is a great drill for me amateur golfers to work on. Maybe not the big box but hitting a putt then trying to go just past it. Then repeat until you hit the hole. Try to take more and more strokes to get to the hole. Once it gets past about 6 feet it can get pretty difficult. It will help with those 4 foot knee knockers. It will also help you not send the ball 15 feet past the hole.

In our chipping game we decided to set up 9 hula hoops and play tic tac toe. We split the kids up into two teams, yellow golf balls vs white golf balls, and they take turns trying to get the ball to end up in a hula hoop. This one is obviously much harder to play by yourself but find a way to set this game up with some tees on a chipping green. Grab a friend and go play this one with them. It will help you control your roll out and distance control

Finally in our full swing station we told the kids to grab a 7 iron. We told them to pick a target down the range that they thought they could hit with 25% power. Next we bumped it up to 50% then 75% and finally 100%. After that we made them grab a driver and hit it to the same target. Again as you can see we want them to learn how to control that distance. Go out and do the exact same thing. Try to hit your driver at the same distance as your 7 iron.

I have also made some pretty cool friendships. I know some instructors who are always willing to give a quick look at a swing and throw a quick drill to help me out.

I do this for the kids and because I love being out there with them. The excitement some of them have is contagious. It is also scary when you decide to play a game with them and you have to actually hit a good shot to beat them. I also wouldnt be telling you the truth if I didnt say I do it for me as well. Go work on your game using some of the drills I went over today. I bet it helps at least a little. What are some of your favorite drills? Let me know so I can continue the quest!


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