My favorite DFW courses

This is going to be a very DFW heavy article today. Today I went and played one of my favorite courses in the area. Its a great track and it made me think about what my favorite courses in the area are. My list will be a little different than some of the others youve seen.

I wont sit here and lie and act like I have played the best courses in the area. I am what one may say a budget golfer. I have played quite a few courses though and will base my rankings on value and quality. Its a unique way to rank courses.

  1. Woodbridge– This is the course I played today. I may be suffering from recency bias but in the two times I have played it the course has been in great shape. The first time I played the course the Wylie area was hit with softball size hail. Considering that I couldnt believe how great the greens were. Today the greens rolled true and the fairways allowed pure strikes. It was a great experience. When you play some of the courses I do a nice lush fairway is very nice. Considering I payed 19 dollars for a Sunday round I cant believe the value. The only negative is driving to Wylie
  2. Tangle Ridge–  The course was great. I honestly dont think I have played a course in better shape than Tangle Ridge. It is in a nice community alongside a lake. The lake didnt come into play on the course. The houses didnt line the fairway which is nice. There was a good amount of elevation change as well. It gives a nice view. I paid 35 dollars for a Saturday round. If you told me I could go with 2 rounds at Woodbridge or 1 round at Tangle Ridge I would have to say I would go with 2 rounds at Woodbridge. Thats why I have to give the edge to Woodbridge.
  3. Cowboys Golf Club– This is the gold standard of public courses in the DFW area. It is usually around $200 but I got a special for $100. We had to play in January so the conditions wernt the best but I can really see the potential of the course. It was in great shape even for December. It is also nice that everything except alcohol is included. You can grab a soda or a hot dog at anytime. When we got there I had pancakes and my dad decided to have a burrito. It was all included in the price. Thats a good deal. Again when basing this ranking I had to think. Would I rathe rhave 4 or 5 rounds at Woodbridge or one at Cowboys. I have to go with Woodbridge.
  4.  Luna Vista– This may surprise a bunch of people. It is a city of Dallas course. It was renovated a while ago. I have only played it as a renovated course. it is the closest course to my house and work. After 4 PM I am able to walk the course for 19 dollars. Thats right. 19 dollars on a very walkable course. Its a very nice course. The course sits in a flood zone so anytime it rains it is very damp. It sucks sometimes. It makes the course conditions bad at times.
  5. Stevens Park– Another great Dallas course. This course can be expensive but it is worth it. It is a weird quirky course though. The 3rd hole is probably the weirdest golf hole I have ever played. It is a par 4 dog leg right. When I say dog right I mean it takes a 90 degree turn. On top of that the hole goes up about 65 feet. It is crazy. The best part of the course is the views you get of the city. I cant remember what hole but you can look out and see all of the city in its glory. It is breathtaking. The course ran me around 45 bucks. I would rather play Cowboys once than over here twice.


As of now these would be my top 5 courses. It is a great golfing city. I cant wait to play more courses. I have played others but I would have to say these are the top 5. If you are in DFW for a visit try these 3 courses. If you live in DFW give them a go and let me know what you think! If you ever need a 2nd 3rd or 4th let me know so we can tear this city up!



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