4-6 long weeks

I  mentioned a few weeks ago the fact that my shoulder had really been bothering me so I went and got a massage. It helped me feel better but about 2 days later the pain returned. After much convincing by my wife I decided I should probably go get it checked out.

All day I couldnt help but think the worst. This was going to require surgery or some other very dramatic stuff. I asked my wife to show up and accompany me during the visit. I got called to the back and had to go through all of the vitals. I got my height measured. Still 5’7″. Go tmy weight checked. 222. Down 6 pounds the past 2 weeks. Woo Hoo! Then I headed back to the exam room. There really isnt anything much worse than waiting in that room. You are just sitting there. Its quiet and youre tempted to touch EVERYTHING. After about 5 minutes the doctor knocked on the door and began asking me questions. It was the very basic questions. When did the pain start? Where does it hurt? After the questions he decided to do some physical tests. I had to turn my arm and he would poke and squeeze on my shoulder. At one point he squeezed my shoulder and my leg started kicking involuntarily. At that point my wife busted out laughing and said ‘Yeah! I think that one hurt a little!” After the tests he told me that he thought it was tendonitis and I needed to take some time off from golf. The repeated impact off the turf was doing bad things ot my shoulder.

At this point he looked me dead in the eye and said “No golf for 4-6 weeks.” I looked outside and felt the perfect temperature and thought ”DAMMIT!” My wife looked at me with those eyes that said “Dont even think about finding a way to get out of this.”. I do have a tournament on Monday that my wife and I agreed I would still play. I couldnt believe what I heard. 4-6 fricking weeks

All day yesterday I couldnt help but try to find ways to get out of it. I asked my wife if I could just try putting and chipping for the time being. She said basically told me good try and that she wouldnt even allow that. What does she know though she will be in Vegas next week. In the words of Coach Kline “What momma dont know wont hurt her”. Wait. I think she reads this sometimes…

Well I’m off to find something to do for the next 4-6 weeks. Wish me luck. /


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