Im back!

In my las tpost I said I would be out 4-6 weeks with a shoulder. After 4 weeks my shoulder still hurt but I couldnt keep myself out. I grabbed a wedge and my putter and took a trip to the short game area. I obviously took it easy but it did feel nice to hear the sound of the ball going in the cup.

After a few weeks I decided to do some of my own research. I had my wife poke around on my back and we figured out where the ultimate pain was. It was in a muscle called the Teres Minor. It isnt a big muscle but when it hurts it can cause some serious pain. I had heard from the massage therapist to put a tennis ball in a sock and use that as a massage ball. I did that. It helped a ton. If you have some pain in your shoulder I highly suggest doing that.

After doing some of the tennis ball therapy along with some other things to loosen the shoulder up, I decided to give it a go. My wife had 4 of her friends over to watch the Gilmore Girls special on Netflix. This was my time to go treat myself to a nice round of golf and not feel bad. Going out I decided to just enjoy myself on the course and not keep score. I had been out for a while and wanted to see how the swing was feeling. It honestly didnt feel like I had missed a thing. The irons were spot on. The wedges were good on every hole except number one. I thinned one across the green. On the next shot I stuck it to 4 ft.

The bad news coming from that round of golf was my driver. As I chronicled before I am struggling to get off the tee box. No matter what driver I play, I am struggling with a big slice. I am hitting it high on the face as well. I am hitting my driver with the same results as a 6 iron. 6000 RPM and 21 degree launch. This is leading to a 215 yard driver with a massive slice. At that point I am grabbing 4 iron and hitting it the same distance. I know where the 4 iron is going as well. It may be time for a lesson or 5. I usually know what I am doing wrong but honestly at this point I have no idea.

Over the next few days Ill give some updates on what exactly I was doing while I was gone. Some of it is cool some of it is sad but I promise youll enjoy reading it!


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