Boredom leads to changes

Like I told everyone before, I love golf equipment probably more than playing. Well since I couldnt play for 4-6 weeks the urge to get new clubs crept into my mind.I also decided that I had a bunch of useless stuff laying around. Since I consider myself an expert at getting things on a budget lets go over some of the things I got and how I got them.


Cobra Fly Z+ Driver- I had gotten some items that I was able to take back to a Golf Galaxy and get some store credit. I ended up paying about $15 out of pocket for it. I have wanted one since they came out and 2 years later I was able to get one! It doesnt make much difference though because I suck at hitting driver right now.



Odyssey Toe Up Putter- When I got the Cobra that freed me up the chance to sell my Taylormade SLDR. I posted it online and got an offer for 100 dollars. With this money I wanted to get a nice putter. I had my eye on an Odyssey Toe Up Putter since they came out. 10 minutes after I sold my driver I had put an offer in of 95 dollars for the putter. 2 days later it was sitting at my door.

Vokey SM6 58 K Grind Wedge- With the purchase of the Cobra driver and the Odyssey putter I decided I was tired of the clutter and the extra clubs so I took the left overs to the PGA Superstore and got a trade in value of 95 dollars.I thought I maybe wanted a new 3 wood. I didnt see one that interested me. I thought maybe I could use some new clothes but through my job I already get amazing deals on clothes so it pains me to pay full retail. With that being said I did find a pair of clearance khakis for $10. I grabbed those and made a once more through the used clubs when I saw the SM6. I  picked it up and saw the price. It was $75. I picked it up and grabbed a new grip for my new wedge to reach my  total.

Ogio Ozone Bag- I actually found this at a goodwill for about 2 dollars. I needed something to do one Saturday so I drove over to Ft Worth and visited the outlet. I was on my way out and saw it. All the zippers worked and it was in decent shape. I had always wanted an Ogio. While this one was an older Ogio it was a chance for me to check it out.

Vokey SM6 54 Degree M Grind- With my purchase of the Ogio I had an asset in my Titleist Stand Bag. I liked the bag but I knew it was worth more than the Ogio so I decided to take it to a local store along with my Nike wedges. He shorted me on the wedges but gave me a good offer on the bag. I found the wedge I wanted and off I went for about $10 out of pocket.

Top Flite Gamer Stand Bag- It was Cyber Monday…. Sue me. It was $50. By the way, do you know anyone who may want to buy an Ogio Ozone bag with a slightly broken leg mechanism?


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