Driver vs Driver Winner

One of my favorite things TV has had on recently is the Golf Channel show Driver vs Driver. If you didnt watch every Tuesday like I did, you missed a doozy. The premise of the show was that Wilson Staff took submission from inventors and engineers from all over the country to design their newest driver.

They narrowed down all the submissions to 11 finalists. In the first two episodes they eliminated 5 and we were left with some of the best of the best. A few were eliminated in the next few episodes. When the show really began to get interesting was when the final 3 drivers were chosen. They took them on trips overseas to see manufacturing and out to Lake Tahoe to have celebrities test it out. From the start I liked the Triton. It seemed like it could be a winner. The pros liked one called the Pivot but the average Joe’s seemed to really like the Triton. The show was very well done. I watched it every week and live tweeted the whole show.


Well the good news was my favorite won. 3 days after the show was over the driver was on the shelves of my local PGA Super Store. I obviously went to hit and have some initial ideas id love so share.

First off its pretty. A lot of people hate it because of the alignment aid on the crown. Me personally I didnt mind it. The inventor says it helps you hit the sweet spot everytime subconsciously. Im not a scientist but I am calling a little bit of crap on that. Its moving at 100+ out of the corner of your eye. I have  a hard time believing I will change my swing perfectly to hit the center because of a white line.  With that being said, I imagine someone said the same thing about a 2 ball putter.


The sound on this driver has also taken quite a bit of criticism. I hit it myself and watched 3 others hit it. I thought it was a little loud but it wasnt obnoxious. For some reason people dont complain about the G series drivers and it wasnt half as loud.

Now we have the most important question. Does the driver perform? Honestly it does. Does it perform better than a M1 or M2? Does it beat out the XR? I wouldnt say it beats them out significantly but I can see how it might. If you walk into a driver fitting it wont be ruled out quickly. This driver is one of the most customizable in the market. It has multiple sole plates that adjust the COG. This will affect the spin and the launch of the driver. It also has 3 weights that can help fine tune the launch and direction of the ball.  The best part of the driver is the shaft options. You can get a very expensive and very good shaft as a stock option. All the research ive done shows it is not a made for shaft. These are true after market shafts.

Just based on my 15 shots on a launch monitor I would have to say dont get scared to try it. I know Wilson Staff may not be the name brand you are expecting but try it youll be surprised.  I may have to try to find a way to get it out on a course.


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