The 2017 Taylormade Drivers

The past couple of days Taylormade has been releasing a some teaser pictures for their new driver. The tag line for the new driver is #thatsbetter. This all sounds great and its very intriguing. It would be much more intriguing if pictures of the driver wernt released on 2 of the major golf forums a month ago.


The new driver will be called….wait for it….. The M1 and M2. Thats right. The M1 and M2 were so successful and so good they decided to keep the name for the 2017 season. It has pretty much the same look as this years driver. The crown looks pretty much the same.. It has the 2 color white and carbon fiber head.As far as I can tell they have removed some of the white and added more carbon fiber. Looks like they are changing some of the weighting  It looks a lot like a Storm Trooper. It is very distinct and recognizable. I totally see why they would keep the design.


If they kept the same name and kept the same design what could have possibly changed. Well a lot of the changes that have been made are cosmetic. The weight ports have changed on the M1.They made them smaller This probably saves a few grams and allows you to move it around to other parts of the driver. In driver design it seems the biggest goal is to save weight and get it to move around. This is how you can increase distance while maintaining the COR measurement you have to meet to keep the club within the rules. The other big cosmetic change is the use of a new color. The big color last year was gold. I personally really liked the gold. It popped and no one else has that color locked up. This year though they have gone with a neon green. Its is a very very bright green. The color screams gimmicky in my eyes. The volt and blue was gimmicky as well. Classic colors seem to sell. I always say performance sells but if I am being honest, It seems its better to look better. Its tough to show your performance when the customer wont even pick it up.

Well, you can keep following Taylormade on Twitter to see more teasers even though youve already seen the full product. I cant wait to try it. Lets see if its better than this years.


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