The 5 worst guys in the practice area

When I go to the range I usually throw in some headphones. That being said, there are some people who will still bother you out on the range and practice green. In my opinion some are worse than others.


5) Guy who putts across the putting green working on his 95 footers- I hate looking up to set up my putt and seeing a ball roll right across my line. I will always check to see where the ball is heading then I check to see where it came from. Its a guy across the green. Then you shoot him a look only to have it ignored. Guess You can have this half of the green. Me and the other 4 guys will share these 3 holes to work on our putting.


4) Guy who rolls the putt right up next to your foot if you are close to a hole- This guy will putt it right into your group of balls then look at you like youre crazy. How did you not see me standing here. I moved about 7 feet from the cup so someone could putt. That doesnt mean knock it 15 feet by into me.


3) The guy who hits an entire bag of balls across the chipping green then goes to pick them all up at once.- This drives me insane. I hate watching him hit it across the green. Then when I have ot go get the balls I hit he has to keep hitting over my head. One day he will blade one into my temple and he can explain it to my wife. The only thing worse than watching him hit over my head taking up the whole green is waiting on him to pick up all 60 balls he hit. Look, I am happy you are out here to practice but come on. Hit 10 at a time.


2) Guy who dresses up like he is playing on Sunday at Augusta to hit balls- We get it. You play golf. Did you really need your brightly colored polo,black sacks, saddle style golf shoes,white belt,and tour hat for your Tuesday night range session? This guy is worse when it is accompanied by a Staff bag and a terrible golf swing. I dont care what you wear on the course but to me the range is a relaxed place. I actually wear athletic shorts and a t shirt. The dressed to the 9 guys may have the slob on his list. If you are at a country club that requires it I understand but if you are at a public range… R-E-L-A-X


1)  The guy who gives you tips on the range- I just saw you hit 15 straight slices shut the hell up. You suck worse than me. Go hit your balls and leave me alone



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