Coyote Ridge Golf Course

The Friday after Thanksgiving my wife was going to have 4 friends at the house to watch the Gilmore Girls reboot on Netflix. The agreement was if she got to do that during the day I was getting to play a nice round of golf. I wasnt going to play some 20 dollar round of golf on a goat track. She told me we had an $80 dollar round in our budget. That kind of budget really opened up my options. From there I decided to play Coyote Ridge in Carrollton

Price– $52.95

Conditions–  This year we have had a pretty warm fall and winter. This has allowed conditions to remain really good for a lot longer. With that being said it was still a late November round. The course wasnt in lush mid-April conditions but the fairways were nice and true. Going into the round I didnt expect a green course and I didnt get one. Again grass was dormant but still played great. The best part of it all was the greens. They rolled perfectly. I recently played a private course in the area and these greens were just as good. The biggest difference was the fact the Par 3 holes looked like hail had hit the green. Jesus people its not difficult to fix a ball mark. This obviously isnt on the course. This falls strictly on the terrible people who dont respect the course enough to repair it.

Layout– The course its self is a well designed par 72 course. It had a good mix of holes. At only one point did I think it was overly tough. It was the 3rd hole. The hole is 210 yards from the middle tees. I also had the wind in my face. They also decided to put the pin in the very back of an extremely deep green. The most direct path to the pin was right over the water as well. If you want my honest opinion thats a bit much for a par 3. Call me crazy but I dont believe I should need a 3 wood from the tee box of a par 3. I was playing with a couple of guys who wernt great and just like you can imagine they both dunked the ball in the water. Multiple times. From that point on our GPS read that we were behind the pace put in place by the course. After that hole there wasnt much  more that I thought was unfair. It played fair and true. Hole 17 was probably my favorite hole. It was uphill about 275. If I catch driver well that turns this into a risk reward par 4. I pulled driver and ended up hitting it short and in the bunker that ran along the left side of the fairway.It is a great design for a golf hole. It is reachable but not easy. To me thats a great risk reward par 4. There was a good distribution of hazards. Bunkers were very well placed. There were enough trees to keep it interesting but not so much that any slight mishit ended up lost. The water was also in fair places. I hate when water is in the middle of the fairway just to make you not hit driver. Courses that also throw water in front of a green just to have water are the worst.  The elevation on the course had the potential to be great but if I am being honest some of the development has ruined what has probably been very pretty views. You can tell the area is starting to grow and has taken some of the beauty away from the course. That being said its not ugly. Quite the opposite actually. At some points you forget you are in and around houses.


Facilities and Service–  The course was great but let me tell you that this is where this course shines. If you are looking for country club service in a public course head to this course. As I popped my trunk and put on my shoes someone came up and asked me if he could take my clubs and load them onto the cart for me. I said sure and off he and my clubs went. When I walked into the clubhouse I probably looked a little confused. There was a nice receptionist asking me if I needed anything and was very nice in pointing the way to the Pro Shop. The pro shop was massive and the staff was very nice. If there was anything you needed from gloves to   They were running a special that was a dozen Nike balls for an additional 10 bucks on your round. I obviously agreed to that. I grabbed one of the free yardage books and off I went to find where my clubs were. I made it out and found my clubs right by the driving range. There were range balls already on the range. I grabbed my 8 iron,driver and 58 degree wedge. The range had flags that were very easy to identify and the flags were labeled with the distances perfectly. I shot it with the laser to confirm and it was within one yard every time. The cart girl was also never too far behind when someone needed something. After the round I had an offer to clean my clubs and take them to my car for me. I declined that offer because I like cleaning my own clubs. Its something I enjoy doing so I declined that offer. The service out here is exactly what I imagine a private courase is like.

Conclusion– I would highly recommend this course. Its fun,challenging, and fair. It was well worth the $52. The course was in very good shape especially considering the time of the year. What truly makes this course great is the level of service. It will not be matched anywhere else that is considered a public course. This was a country club course with country club service at a public course price.



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