What do you need on the course?

I was walking around a golf store the other day and decided to go through the accessories section. There were so many options. For all the things that you can buy I decided to do a list of my favorite accessories and the brands I prefer.

Just as a side note. I considered putting golf balls on the list. I dont consider golf balls an accessory . They are must haves. In my eyes they are equipment


5) Golf Towel-I know it sounds crazy to put a towel on the top accessories but it is essential here in Texas. In July and August sweating is a guarantee. The towel is useful to dry your hands and to wipe sweat away and stop it from getting in your eyes. I also use my towel to clean my clubs between shots. Get the towel wet and wipe the clubs down. Clean clubs are better performing clubs! As far as my towel, I currently have an Odyssey towel hanging off my bag. I like it a lot and would recommend it to anyone. I have also seen a lot of people with the Club Glove waffle towel. I have felt the Club Glove in the store and I have to say it may be my next towel purchase.


4) Golf Tees– Air has less resistance than dirt so why not tee it up on every hole? Personally I dont tee up my 3 wood because I hit it way too high when I do and lose distance. That of course isnt the point here. The point is you will need tees. I dont think it really matters what tee you use. With that being said I use the Martini tee. I reviewed it in an earlier post. Its big and bright and easy to find after hitting. I kept my Martini tees for a year before I finally starting to lose them. It sucks but Ill be getting more soon!


3) Headcovers– The headcover does more than look pretty in the bag. The purpose of the headcover is 2 fold. First it is there to protect the head of the club it is on. It protects it from other clubs dinging it up and making it ugly. The other reason is to protect the shaft of the club. The graphite shafts are not super durable when hit with other objects. If it is hit too much it will weaken the shaft and cause a break. The other day I saw a club that clearly never had a headcover on it. The shaft was almost worn all the way through. I got a great deal on some Stitch Headcovers. They use real leather and let me tell you they feel great and have only gotten better looking now that they are breaking in


2) Range Finder/ GPS– I found golf just felt easier when I got a range finder. My range finder is super old but it does a good enough job. I prefer a laser but either one works. Know how far it is to the pin or to a hazard is incredibly useful.When playing a course that has water going down the middle of the fairway I like knowing if I can take driver or if I should go back to a hybrid. Its like having my own caddie. Very useful. I use a very very very old Bushnell but I have no opinion on which one to use. As far as a GPS I cant recommend The Grint enough. It is a GPS and a stat tracker all in one


1) Divot Tool– You use it to fix your ball marks. You need one of these. If you dont have one use a tee. Basically I dont care what you use just use it. It takes 10 seconds. Dont be a jerk. Fix your damn ball mark so I can putt on a clean surface. Please god if you get nothing out of this article please watch this video.




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