What have they done?!?

Oh man. This looks bad…very very bad. For the last couple of months I was watching a show named Driver vs Driver. The winner got their driver put into production. They also won a cool half a million dollars. It was very cool to see everything that goes into a driver.

With it being a TV show they obviously didnt want any leaks on who won. Considering the USGA puts out a conforming list every Monday this caused some issues. To get the driver approved they would have to leak the winner. They took a chance and decided to wait until the winner was announced to send it in for certification. This was a calculated risk that Wilson decided was worth it. They had said that there was no concern it wouldnt pass. It was all a formality.


That was until today. The USGA did not approve the driver. At least they didnt approve the 10.5 and the 12 degree versions of the driver. The driver did not meet the shape requirement. They said the tiny back fin that came off the sole plate was irregular in shape. I didnt see anything too crazy with it but whatever. They make the rules no matter how dumb it is.

Well the final reason it is deemed illegal is if you put the weights in a setting that Wilson doesnt even show on its guide, the CT (how long the ball sticks to the face) exceeds the rules by microseconds. That may not seem like much but every little bit counts. I dont think the average person will notice or be able to use that. With that being said it is illegal and doesnt meet the specs.

Remember this only affects the 10.5 and the 12 degree drivers. Somehow in the 9 degree this isnt a problem. Dont ask me how but it is. To adjust for the ruling Wilson will be sending out new sole plates and new weights. Once they get those done they will resubmit and hopefully everything will be kosher. Until then tuck it away until you get your replacement parts!



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