What a summer

Sorry again for yet another break. Life gets crazy during the summer around here. My wife is gone 4 weeks out of the summer.Leaving me to take care of the house and everything else. I played a ton of golf but unfortunately the handicap is really starting to creep up. I have hit double digits. … More What a summer

Long time no see

I know I havent written much.The weather hasnt really been cooperating. All last week we had nothing but rain. The rain ended up closing the course right by me. I havent been able to get out to the course. It also didnt help my wife was leaving for 9 days This is where my PGA … More Long time no see

Demo Day Fun

On Saturday I decided to start the day off with a little golfing of my own. In a couple of posts I have mentioned that on various launch monitors my smash factor has been really low. I felt this has been possibly costing me distance. I also have been thinking my iron shafts were maybe … More Demo Day Fun

Is it me?

The golf ball fitting was a great experience for me. I learned that the ball I had been playing was probably the best ball for me. Look at the stats I was pretty happy until I dug a little deeper. I looked at those numbers and I noticed how low the ball speed was in … More Is it me?

Equipment News

This year Cobra came out with the King LTD driver. It is one of my favorite drivers of they year. It has a “space port” You can unscrew this cover and it has some writing inside the driver. This port cover also serves as a 16g weight. Cobra promoted this as a zero CG driver. … More Equipment News